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The above shots show the view from our upstairs deck. It doesn't really show up good in the picture, but the one on the right shows
just a wee bit of water in the distance. The middle picture shows the path that goes down to Southwest Harbor.
These two views are from the club house deck. The one on the left shows the view of the water as it looks further up the hill. That water is Southwest Harbor. About a mile as the crow flys.
These are closer shots of southwest Harbor.
Not far from Harbor Ridge Resort is a place called Seawall. It's always a nice place to go to smell the salt air, listen to the gulls, and feel a bit of eternity as those endless waves break against the shore.
Besides rocks, two things you will always see at Seawall are gulls and seaweed.
And these are on the other side of the island. To the left is Eagle Lake from a spot part way up Cadillac Mountain. To the right is a shot showing the sun glowing off Frenchman's Bay. I had to crop it to cut out some glare at the top.
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