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Iguana Wana- March, 2002 - TonyG

Located in Plaza Caracol this contemporary Mexican restaurant puts on what some call the best breakfast buffet in Cancun. On Mondays they also offer an all you can eat dinner buffet. Iguana Wana has a Mexican menu at very affordable prices and a small bar area.

Hong Kong - March, 2002---TonyG

Surprising good and inexpensive Chinese food. The main restaurant downtown near Sam's Club is superior to the mall locations. The downtown location (late 2001) is in the new Chinatown Plaza. Cocktails can be bought by the pitcher (liter) and a full menu is available. We found the spring rolls to be particularly delicious. There is an all you can eat buffet from 1 to 7:30 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for around $ 9 (drinks not included).

The Cove - March, 2002 - TonyG

Tucked in behind the stores in Playa Longosto is the Cove Restaurant. In my opinion this is one of the best restaurants in Cancun. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating with a view of the beach and ocean. The design is very similar to that of Captain's Cove. Entrees are dominated by seafood dishes but there are several non-seafood items as well. My favorite is the Tampequena steak, but my wife prefers the seafood enchilada or the fish wrapped in banana leaves. The appetizers are all great and there is an ample desert menu if you have any room. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a breakfast buffet option. It will be crowded for short times with passengers for the Isla Mujeres ferry and other boat trips, but is generally lightly attended.

La Parrilla - March, 2002 - TonyG

La Parrilla-March 2002 - TonyG

Downtown on Yaxchilan Avenue is where this "taco joint" is located and we have been frequenting it for several years. It has a varied menu (and an additional Spanish menu), most of which makes for a superb meal. In recent years it seems to be attracting more tourists and is not quite as good or as inexpensive as it once was. Side table preparations, such as the filet mignon, ceasar salad and flaming coffees, are usually fine displays. There is a buffet on Sunday afternoon which is marvelous and crowded with locals. As with many Cancun restaurants, it's a good idea to check the bill carefully.

La Palapa - March, 2002 - TonyG

Hidden away in the hotel zone, just off boulevard Kukulcan across the street from the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental and just south of Pok ta Pok golf course and a way down Calle Quetzal (no.13) is La Palapa restaurant. The entrance is to the left after entering the lobby of the Imperial Laguna Hotel and out past their pool. The restaurant offers dining under an outdoor lagoon side Palapa with a gourmet menu of appetizers, entrée's and desert. Seafood dominates a menu that includes continental cuisine. Superb oven-hot mini french breads and a butter sauce are served after your order is placed. The margaritas were rather good. Highest price for an entrée was 170 pesos for our visit. The restaurant is frequented by local businessmen and reservations are required. Locals and some tourists rave about this restaurant, but other than the bread and margaritas, we found the food unimpressive.