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Welcome to the Cancun Dining Guide. This guide is a result of the cumulative judgments of many owners, exchangers and guests at the Royal Resorts of Cancun and other Cancun visitors. You will find here the name, location, rating, type of food and some menus for many of Cancun's finest restaurants. Any feedback from visitors on Cancun restaurants is welcome. This site was set up in July of 2002 and is still growing. I hope to soon add more narrative reviews and menus for some of the restaurants listed. Please send any comments, reviews or subjective opinions of restaurants to: We would really like to hear from you and welcome viewer reviews!

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For more information and a great rental site for the world class Royal Resorts of Cancun please visit Mexicondo!

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(No symbol means restaurant is unrated.)
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This guide is divided into three sections. Navigate using the links below, or scroll to view them all.

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HOTEL ZONE- Ocean Side
100% Natural Plaza Kukulican et al M Variety of natural foods 3 Golden Palms
Arrecife's Westin Regina E International-Italian-fine dining 3 Golden Palms
Blue Bayou   Entertainment
       Plus Participant Hyatt Cancun Caribe E Cajun-live jazz music      See Review  
Bogart's In Krystal Hotel E International - Casablanca atmosphere  
Café Salsa   Entertainment Plus JW Marriott    See Review  
Cambalache Forum by the Sea Mall E Argentine Steak House  
Campay   Entertainment Plus Participant Near Convention Center M Sushi bar and restaurant-lots of cooked items  
Captain's Cove Across from Royals M Caribbean seafood and steaks  See Review 3 Golden Palms
Casa Rolandi Plaza Caracol M Italian 5 Golden Palms
Celebrity Casa Turquesa-KM12      
Cennacola Plaza Kukulcan   Italian  
Champions   Entertainment Plus Casa Magna   American  
Chocko's & Tere   Entertainment Plus Participant South of Caracol Mall   Seafood, steak and Mexican    
Come'n Eat   Entertainment
     Plus Participant La Isla Plaza   Food court    
Correo Espańol Playa Linda area M Open for breakfast,lunch and dinner  
El Arca   La Isla Plaza E Fine dining menu   4 Golden Palms
El Conquistador At the Royal Mayan E For Royal's guests only. Fine dining, entertainment-closed Mondays  See Review 5 Golden Palms
El Mexicano Next to Plaza Caracol M Mexican 2 Golden Palms
El (Hacienda) Mortero Punta Cancun E Mexican 3 Golden Palms
Faro's   Entertainment Plus Next to Mango Tango E    
Hard Rock Café Forum by the Sea Mall M Rock and Roll restaurant 2 Golden Palms
Houlihan's Plaza Kukulcan M American bar chain  
Iguana Grill Marina del Rey-km15.6 M Waterfront Lobster-strolling magicians  
Iguana Wana Entertainment Plus Plaza Caracol M Contemporary Mexican-live music See Review 3 Golden Palms
Italianni's Punta Cancun M Italian 3 Golden Palms
La Capilla Entertainment Plus JW Marriott   International  
La Destileria Across from Pl.Kukulcan E Authentic Mexican-tequilla 5 Golden Palms
La Dolce Vita Hotel zone E Italian specialties & fresh seafood-soft live music 5 Golden Palms
La Fisheria Plaza Caracol M featuring seafood and wood oven pizza 5 Golden Palms
La Ruina   Entertainment Plus Plaza Terramar L Mexican and seafood, Live Rock'n Roll, friendly service  
Lorenzillo's Hotel Zone-km10.5 E Seafood-lobster-on the dock, lagoon side 3 Golden Palms
Lorito Joe's Next to La Dolce Vita   Seafood and steaks- seafood buffets    
Mango Tango  Entertainment Plus Participant   EP discount Hotel Zone-km 14 E Seafood-Caribbean-live music and show 3 Golden Palms
Margaritaville Plaza Flamingo      
Mikado at the Marriott Hotel E Japanese/Thai cuisine 5 Golden Palms
Mirage FiestaAmericana Cond.      
Ok Maguey   Entertainment 
     Plus Participant Plaza Kukulcan M Mexican w/live Marimba & Mariachi show.   2 Golden Palms
Outback Steakhouse Plaza Flamingo M Steaks,best ribs in Cancun, salads 4 Golden Palms
Pacal Next to El Mexicano
Plaza Caracol
M Seafood, Prime Rib & Mayan  
Pat O'Brien's Plaza Flamingo M Seafood, steaks--try a hurricane drink  
Philadelphia Cheese Steaks   Entertainment Plus Participant Plaza Terramar, behind 100% Natural L All meat imported from US owners.  
Plantation House lagoon KM 10.5 E    
Rainforest Café Forum by the Sea Mall M Variety-excellent exotic mixed drinks 2 Golden Palms
Rio Nizuc KM 22      
Rodeo West Entertainment Plus     Mex-Tex Menu  
Rosato Ristorante FiestaAmericana Cond.   Traditional Italian-homemade pasta  
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse next to Kukulican Mall E "The Home of Serious Steaks" 5 Golden Palms
Savio's Plaza Caracol M Northern Italian cuisine-live music 5 Golden Palms
Seafood Market   Hyatt Regency Hotel   Seafood and Thai   temporarily closed   
Seńor Frogs   Entertainment Plus Participant Hotel Zone-km 9.5 M Anderson's chain-Mexican-ribs-party place at night   See Menu  
Splash   Entertainment Plus Plaza Kukulcan M Seafood, Lobster specials-pasta-tropical drinks 3 Golden Palms
Sushi Itto Forum by the Sea M Sushi-Japanese  
Tony Roma's KM 10.5 M Rib chain 3 Golden Palms
U'Mediterraneo Forum by the Sea Mall      
Vivendi   Entertainment-Plus Forum by the Sea Mall    
Carlos & Charlies   Entertainment-Plus Participant
*Best not to use a credit card here.
Hotel Zone (near VCI) M International and Mexican-BBQ ribs See Menu 2 Golden Palms
The Cove Playa Langosto dock M Seafood & other-view of beach & Isla Mujeres
    See Review
5 Golden Palms
Dolce Mente-Pompeii Near Casa Maya M Italian- down street with sign Pez Volador 3 Golden Palms
La Brisa Next to Hotel Camino Real M/E Mesquite Grill Seafood and other  
La Palapa Hotel Imperial Laguna M Gourmet-international-reservations 883-54-54 See Review 3 Golden Palms
Maria Bonita near Camino Real Hotel M Mexican nice décor and live entertainment 3 Golden Palms
Mucho Gusto El Embarkadero   Seafood & Mexican in a Colorful setting  
Shrimp Bucket Hotel zone km 5.5 M Anderson's chain-shrimp and more shrimp  
Carrillo's Entertainment Plus   Downtown M 1st Lobster house in Cancun   5 Golden Palms
El Cejas Downtown (and Mkt 28) M Seafood 3 Golden Palms
El Pescador Downtown      
Hong Kong   Entertainment-Plus Participant Downtown-near Walmart L Chinese-best at downtown location vs plazas See Review 3 Golden Palms
Locanda Paolo Downtown M Italian (best in town ?) 5 Golden Palms
La Habichuela Downtown E Mexican-outdoor garden dining 3 Golden Palms
La Parrilla Downtown M Mexican-super weekend buffet  See 
     Review 4 Golden Palms
La Patagonia Downtown L Argentine Steak house 3 Golden Palms
La Placita Downtown L Local hangout-good place for a taco 3 Golden Palms
Los Almendros Downtown L Authentic Yucatan Cuisine 3 Golden Palms
Los Balcones   Entertainment Plus Howard Johnson Hotel   Argentine steaks & classic Mexican  
Pericos Downtown M Mexican with a party atmosphere 3 Golden Palms
Pizza Rolandi various locations M plus other dishes including fish 5 Golden Palms
Rosa Mexicano   Entertainment Plus Downtown M Mexican ambiance and live entertainment   3 Golden Palms
Sasha's Bistro Downtown   Fine dining-international menu  
Santa Maria Downtown L Yucatan Mexican cuisine 3 Golden Palms
Stefano's   Entertainment Plus Downtown M Quiet place for pasta, pizza, steaks, etc.    
* L- low, M-moderate, E-expensive

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